Parris Island Boiler #3 Repair, Parris Island,SC


On boiler 3, the scope of work for Reliance was to perform repairs to the forced draft fan bearings  and rotating fan blade unit. In order to execute the work it was necessary to remediate asbestos  insulation that was covering the fan housing. A containment area was installed and air  monitoring was performed prior to, during and post abatement. Once the abatement was executed the rotating assembly and bearing were removed. 

Due to the age of the fan system it was necessary to have custom bearings manufactured. The rotating fan assembly was repaired and balanced and all parts reassembled. Laser alignment was utilized to provide exacting balance and alignment to the systems. Once assembly was completed the fan housing was     reinsulated using mineral wool insulation and fiberglass.

Reliance also performed the retrofitting of boiler control systems for boiler 3 replacing the outdated existing controls.


MCRD Parris Island

Place of Performance

Parris Island, SC

Contract Time

  • Started:  3/23/2015
  • Actual Completion: 2/24/2016

Role & Responsibility

  • Prime Contractor

Delivery Method

  • Traditional Bid


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