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Building Automation and Controls

Reliance provides comprehensive solutions for all your HVAC needs. For all of your building automation needs we offer local suport, updgrade and retrofit solutions, and training through our partners.

Airside HVAC

  • Tracer™ muli-purpose controllers
  • Tracer™air-handler controllers
  • Tracer™ variable air volume controllers
  • Tracer™ loop controller
  • Tracer™ zone controllers
  • Tracer™ unitary controller

Chiller Controls

  • Tracer AdaptiView™ chiller control
  • Tracer™ programmable controllers
  • Tracer™ controllers

Building Management

  • Tracer™ SC
  • Tracer™ Summit
  • Tracer™ light commercial systems controls

Building System Optimization

  • Web Enabled Building Management
  • Integration
  • Energy Logix Dashboard
  • Ecorate Dashboard
  • Trendview

Brady Intelligent Services

  • Planned Maintenance
  • Building Optimization
  • Alarm Monitoring and Response

Facility Portfolio Management

  • Tracer™ ES

System Solutions

  • chiller Plants Rooftop
  • VAV Systems


Check out our carefully crafted products and let us exceed your expectations.


Feel free to contact us and find out more about pur products.


Reliance Construction Company is your all-in-one construction solution to meet your project’s needs.

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