D-B Generator Controls Upgrade La Moure,ND

Reliance Construction is currently performing a design/build contract with the scope of work requires the replacement of the existing utility and generator control system contained in the existing generator paralleling switchgear. at the NCTL Detachment in La Moure, ND. 

The generators at this facility provide emergency backup power for communication systems critical to national security. The new control system will provide automatic and manual operations, synchronization, closed transition load sharing and load management, and alarm functions for a system with two engine generator sets and one utility source. The control system operates via redundant programmable logic controllers (PLC) and associated input/output modules. The control of each generator set is via a generator controller, unit synchronizer and load controller, and the control of the utility source shall be via a master synchronizer and load controller.

The communication protocol between all devices shall be via an Ethernet network. Operational control of the system is via human machine interface (HMI) touch screens. The work also includes the maintenance and testing of nine existing low voltage draw-out circuit breakers in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Reliance Electrical Engineers have completed the design of the switchgear controls and the build out portion of the contract is currently being performed and all construction is expected to be completed by June 2016.


NAVFAC Atlantic

Place of Performance

La Moure, ND

Contract Time

  • Scheduled Completion: 6/24/2016
  • Actual Completion: TBD

Role & Responsibility

  • Prime Contractor

Delivery Method

  • Design-Build


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